EO 1110 Curriculum Survey

What is this?

The Chancellor’s Office began a project, in response to multiple requests, to create a comprehensive report of the quantitative reasoning offerings developed in response to EO 1110.  To collect the information from each campus, we developed a survey concerning curricular offerings and related scheduling, academic support, coordination, and assessment.

Why did we do this?

The purpose is to help us all to understand what has evolved from this collective effort and will make it possible to link departments across the system so that they may learn from each other’s experiences and collaborate on projects to advance student success. The data will also enable us to analyze student success with respect to the more parameters.

How can I find out more?

Start with the summary report.

Then you might want to read the survey questions to see what topics were covered.

And here are the tables referenced in the report.



What should I do next?

  • Put your comments and questions in the Blogs.

Future Plans

Analyze Student Success with respect to the course parameters collected by the survey.

Have other questions or comments?

Contact Claudia Pinter-Lucke (contact link on Overview page).